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About Hardcore40 Training

At Hardcore40 we strive to stimulate and nurture the personal growth of each athlete as they prepare for the world ahead. To accomplish this our staff takes time to RELATE to each athletes through athletic training experiences. Our approach to instruction using situational leadership is all about adjusting to change. Situational leadership involves the ability to quickly assess situations, adjust, and then take the appropriate action necessary. We have adopted various strategies and coaching techniques to keep the players engaged and motivated throughout. We teach that each situation is different and may require a unique response. Being prepared is key.

Hardcore40's aim is to maximize the athlete’s cognitive potential through strategically organized workout sessions. Our philosophy of coaching and motivation is a system that exhibits character, endorses a dedication to excellence, and an emphasis on attitude education. We do more than train, we COUNSEL athletes. We consistently evaluate the athlete’s cognitive response through various drills and situational activities to ensure that we have designed the athlete’s programming phase appropriately to attain the desired outcome. Our methods encourage creativity, innovations and most importantly flexibility.


Hardcore40 (HC40) engages the athlete’s sport experience in order to broaden their skills in critical thinking, groom them for peak performance, educate, and instill a life-long commitment to excellence.


”An effective coaching philosophy is less likely to change, but the coaching technique must be open to situational adjustments. While the coach must make adjustments, there is an onus on the athlete to listen, give effort, and focus on the task that is being requested. Therefore it is important in the planning process to make sure the skills and techniques you want to introduce are relevant.”
- Damon White -