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WELCOME TO Hardcore40

At Hardcore40 we strive to stimulate and nurture the personal growth of each athlete as they prepare for the world ahead. To accomplish this our staff takes time to RELATE to each athletes through athletics experiences.


    Hardcore40 (HC40) engages the athlete’s sport experience in order to broaden their skills in critical thinking, groom them for peak performance, educate, and instill a life-long commitment to excellence.


    ”An effective coaching philosophy is less likely to change, but the coaching technique must be open to situational adjustments. While the coach must make adjustments, there is an onus on the athlete to listen, give effort, and focus on the task that is being requested. Therefore it is important in the planning process to make sure the skills and techniques you want to introduce are relevant.”
    - Damon White -





Designed to prepare our athletes to compete at a higher level of competition, by progressing to more advanced sports performance training. We focus on maximum increases in Speed, Strength, Agility, Explosiveness, & Conditioning in order to provide them the tools to excel in whatever sport they wish to compete.

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Developed comprehensive training program for all athletes any age or skill level. Our Team Performance Training Programs are organized, supervised, professionally run athletic performance training sessions designed to not only Increaseperformance, but also Improve team unity, chemistry and reinforcement of team culture.

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Sport Specific Training

Designed specifically for athletic performance enhancement in specific sports. Includes strength, speed, power, endurance, flexibility, mental preparedness (including goal setting), recovery/regeneration techniques, nutrition, and injury risk reduction.


Neuro Muscular Training

To improve the ability. to generate a fast and optimal muscle firing pattern, to increase dynamic joint stability, and to relearn movement patterns and skills necessary during activities of Muscular Competency daily living and sports activities.


Human Performance Training

Improves functional movement to support the demands of life and sport. Raise your game or take your team to the next level.

Speed & Agility Training

Speed is defined as the ability to move the body in one direction as fast as possible. Agility is the ability to accelerate, decelerate, stabilize, and quickly change directions with proper posture.



At Hardcore40 we strive to stimulate and nurture the personal growth of each athlete as they prepare for the world ahead. To accomplish this our staff takes time to RELATE to each athletes through athletics experiences. This technique has allowed us to gain the trust of our athletes, which makes them respond better to individual critique and team training. Our approach to instruction using situational leadership is all about adjusting to change. Situational leadership involves the ability to quickly assess situations, adjust, and then take theappropriate action necessary. We have adopted various strategies and coaching techniques to keep the players engaged and motivated throughout. We teach that each situation is different and may require a unique response.

The situational leadership style is the one we exhibit and one we’ve used to maximize the athlete’s cognitive potential. Our philosophy of coaching and motivation is a system that exhibits character, endorses a dedication to excellence, and an emphasis on attitude education. We do more than train, we COUNSEL athletes. We consistently evaluate the athlete’s cognitiveresponse through various drills and situational activities to ensure that we have designed the athlete’s programming phase appropriately to attain the desired outcome. Our methods encourage creativity, innovations and most importantly flexibility.

This technique is designed to build a team of leaders. The major advantage of choosing this style is the ability to quickly grasp the concepts and then apply them to a series of situations. Over a decade of coaching experience has fueled the philosophy of these motivational technique to TRAIN athletes to do their best, promote positive thinking, teamwork, and muscular responsibility. The following information outlines some strategies I have implemented while coaching.

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"We are so lucky to have Damon as my son’s trainer!  He really is the best if you need to build your child’s physical and mental strength.  My son has been working with Damon for the past year and boy what a difference he has made, beyond our expectation.  To start, he went from no experience basketball player to an AAU team within a year.  My son’s drive and motivation went from 0 to complete passion and commitment.  You can’t ask for more than that, very grateful!"


In regards to our son I've seen improvements on the field in his body movement and control. He's able to make quicker and smoother cuts and moves. His footwork has become more coordinated. His whole body motion athletically is starting to be natural instead of thought out. His catching abilities, both while stationary and in motion have improved a lot as well.  As far as our daughter, the coaching she received was excellent in encouraging her to bring out her best and really push herself to her highest levels of achievements. She had no problem beating or keeping up with the boys. 


I took a few of my athletes to HardCore40 and was blown away by the level of workout they provided my kids with. I was totally amazed in how the fundamentals of running were broken down and explained to each kid. They put a strong emphasis on developing core strength and fast twitch fiber muscles; which is need to increase speed and improve 40 yard dash times. I would encourage more young aspiring athletes to take advantage of the knowledge being passed down by Coach White and his staff. They are truly building more explosive athletes.


My name is Precious Roberts I’m a former SWAC Champion from Prairie View A&M University in Prairie View, TX. And I’ve also finished my collegiate career at Livingstone College in Salisbury, NC. I now play for the WBCL League on the Lady Panthers from Jacksonville, FL. I just signed with my agent to play professional basketball overseas this year. My life motto is “Anything is Possible,” no matter what school you started or finished. Accomplishing your goals all start with your change of mind. As long as you persevere, you will always reach success. No matter the timing. Trust and believe in the process.


I have been working with Hardcore40training now along with my son for approximately 5 years. My son has now been competing in sports for that length of time and his body movements, acceleration, his power, balance and mental toughness is all a testament to the work he has put in with the guidance of Hardcore40. I recommend it to any and every one looking to reach their full athletic potential. 


I started training with Damon White July 1st 2015. I was 53 years old and my family thought I was crazy to get into this workout regimen with Damon. I watched Damon train my son Oakley for 2 years and he transformed him into a Rock solid athlete. We started a routine in July 15' and the first 6 months it took 54 minutes to complete every variation of his workout. Here I am 3 years later feeling like I am 10-15 years younger and I can do that same routine that we started with in 30 minutes today. My core and legs are the strongest they have ever been and I look forward to each workout with Damon because he challenges me every day to be a better person.


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